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Unit of Research Affairs as a subcategory of Deputy of Research works to facilitate and accelerate the researchers’ activities through coordinating research units, in the framework of the general research policies of the university.


Achieving its objectives requires collection and analysis of research indices in all university units, so that, making proper decisions with the definition of research needs, they could be prioritized considering the general policies of the country.


The most important tasks of this unit include:


-      Preparing university’s research instruction and regulation’s drafts and presenting them to the relevant authorities to conduct necessary evaluations for changes and developments in research programs and providing amending comments on the research instructions to the relevant authorities

-      Coordinating research activities of university’s research units

-      Collecting information and assessing the development of university’s research activities

-      Following up of the establishment and development of research units (research units, research centers and research groups)

-       Handling affairs related to the faculty members’ sabbaticals with the coordination of relevant authorities

-      Taking the necessary measures with regard to the faculty members’ research plans

-      Conducting affairs related to faculty members’ grants

-      Performing all other tasks assigned by superiors

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