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The office of International Relations supports the University’s global vision by providing leadership, raising awareness and encouraging global collaborations with scientific and industrial institutes around the world. It is imperative to understand that in today’s increasingly globally intersecting world, internationalization of higher education institutes is crucial in maintaining a high quality research and teaching environment.


Our focus in this office is to enhance interdisciplinary and inter-professional training and research on global issues and to foster greater international exposure for students, faculty, and the staff with the aim of achieving a distinction in globalizing the university.


SBUK can become the institute of choice for students and researchers in the region and even across the globe by leveraging current strengths in international studies and by putting new programs in place to enhance the global competency of students, faculty and staff. The geographical location of SBUK in the resourceful Province of Kerman with the pool of talents and full community support provides us with a unique opportunity to become a world-class university of scholarly innovation, instruction, and outreach.  Our facilities and capacities are still unknown in the global scale. We must direct our resources to present SBUK in a global character. Valuing the international work of the faculty is critical to supporting this presentation.

SBUK has enjoyed tremendous growth over recent years and is now the largest and the highest rank university in the Southeast of the country. To be competitive domestically, we must be competitive internationally. We must have effective practices for internationalization and diversity in order to compete with our highly regarded peer institutions. Obviously, this is a tough road and our faculty, students, staff and alumni have a great responsibility to reach this goal. 

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