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Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman’s Vice Chancellor of Research and Technology has been codified its strategic plan in order to achieve the missions specified for universities affiliated to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. In this plan, it is believed that research is the bridge connecting research to the technology and universities’ mission in achieving sustainable development on which the fifth development plan of the country is codified. On the other hand, creating technology will both directly and indirectly lead to the realization of the other important mission of the university, which is entrepreneurship and connecting with society to meet various needs of society in humanities, industrial, agricultural and other areas. Obviously, developing the borders of knowledge and fundamental research enjoys a very special position in different sciences including basic sciences.


This plan includes the following in various organizational fields of the deputy of research and technology:


1.    In Research Affairs:


-       Grounding to elevate the quality of research through the establishment of scientometrics committee

-       Planning to equip the central laboratory and elevating the quantitative and qualitative level of technical services provided for inside and outside of the university

-       Leading the university’s research projects, including theses and dissertations by establishing the bulletin of the demand-driven research to inform graduate studies students of the research priorities and needs of organizations, companies and industries

-       Grounding to update the information of faculty members and graduate studies' students in the field of innovation, technology, commercialization of research results through workshops and question and answer sessions

-       Supporting the publication of scientific books and journals with the approach of utilizing the scientific potentials of the university

-       Supporting research activities of faculty members and graduate studies' students through grants

-       Supporting national and international conferences



2.    Connecting with Industry, Society and Technology


-       Setting up of demand-driven research centers in the form of scientific and administrative MOUs with organizations and companies having in mind the provincial potentials

-       Planning to obtain permits to establish the Growth Center and Technology Transfer Office (TTO) to guide professors and students in commercialization of research results and getting help from Tejarat Bank’s advisors and holding meetings with them for economical counsels

-       Planning to implement MOUs signed between the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and the Ministry of Industries, Mining and Trade

-       Planning to implement the MOU signed between the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad


3.    Scientific Cooperation and International Relations


-       Dispatching faculty members for sabbaticals and research missions in line with the internationalization plan of the university

-       Preparing the required framework for admission of foreign students and also dispatching Ph.D. students to the abroad scientific research centers as the Joint Ph.D. Program

Vice Chancellor's Contact Information:

Dr. M. Ehteshamzadeh

Tel/Fax: +98-34-3132-3011 (Ext. 105)


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