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Industry Liaison, Technology and Entrepreneurship Management (ILTEM)




Our Core Mission

SBUK Industry liaison office works with industrial and governmental institutes on a national level to promote partnerships for research and curriculum development. This is aimed at bringing the culture of private enterprises into the university and acquire private/government contracts. In fact, we work with industry to determine a company's research needs and then consult with university researchers to determine if there is an interest in conducting research to meet that specific need.

As a part of our mission, we get commercial funding for university researchers so that new technologies could be invented and developed and also intellectual property rights get respected.

We at ILTEM , believe that spreading the culture of connecting with industry and society in general is fundamental to the industry liaison office work and thus we are involved in public speaking and also inviting people from wide range of skills and achievements to speak about their successful experiences. 

We go to meetings, both provincial and national to negotiate with officials and make public presentations.

At the core, we focus on building relationships with people from industry and commerce as well as governmental departments.

Obviously this could well spread to international interactions as more cooperation with foreign firms and companies especially in the mineral-rich and rapidly developing Kerman province is expected.


ILTEM Manages licensing, patents, royalties and affairs of intellectual property law.

Most industries nowadays have industrial liaison officers as a counterpart to the universities. Our tasks overlap, specifically when sending students for their obligatory “Apprenticeship” units in places of work and production. 

We also facilitate student-academic staff visits to industry. In a year this reaches to more than seventy visits which enhance our presence within industry and also help forging ties and acquiring research contracts.  

Management looks for commercial opportunities for existing technologies,  as we are entering an era of better use of resources and curtailing unrestricted energy and raw material and environmental use (or abuse). We have cooperation with “Kerman Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines, and Agriculture” for special contractual instruments which allow sharing the profits gained as a result of technology, system and even equipment adjustments leading to conservation of energy, raw materials and reduced production costs.


How Do we Go About Our Business


ILTEM management has a plan of action and tries to bring about goals defined for it by:

  • Engaging in  University-industry research partnerships  through inviting people form the private sector to take part in providing our staff  with:
  • Engaging  governmental institutes in Collaborative Research Agreements that involve non-grant contractual terms
  • Engaging in an academic-led research partnerships with industry, government or non-profit organizations
  • Helping staff of other organizations or companies
  • Acting as the Initial Point of Contact when someone wishes to discuss a potential collaboration with the University but is unsure who to speak with  
  • Developing new innovative models of partnerships such as the “Joint Industry-University Research Institute”
  • Developing partnership with private companies to help with promoting entrepreneurial skills and drive


Industry Associations through Kerman Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture


To develop partnerships with industry and commerce, we believe in using the associations present and active in these sectors. That is why we have been looking forward to increase activities with local Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture.

There are fundamental reasons for seeking closer cooperation with this organization, chief amongst them are:


·      Article 44 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran , that specifically encourages expansion of private sector activities and as such envisages a society-wide economy which is eighty percent privately owned and operated.

·      Kerman province enjoys one of the marvels of nature in abundance of mines and exploitable geological anomalies. In this, we enjoy a privileged position which only provinces with oil deposits can compete with. 

·      Kerman is the center of copper production with its Sarcheshme Copper Complex producing more than 200,000 tons of cathodic copper as well as Shahid Bahonar Copper Company, producing  world class semi-finished copper products from copper rods to specially formulated alloys as per customer needs and orders. These are all potential research partners for our University.   

·      Apart from this, we have the largest acreage of fruit producion, chief amongst them the “Green Gold of Kerman”, the world famous pistachio.




·      The diverse and varied fields of expertise available in Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman emanating from a pool of nearly 650 faculty members, 4000 postgraduate students including nearly 400 PhD aspirants.

·      The sectors identified as university’s  strengths including, agricultural technics and sciences, geology,  mining and metallurgy, power generation and renewable energies, electronics and control technologies, life sciences and information and communications technologies.


·      Wast untapped solar , wind and desert (yes desert!) potentials needing joint University-private sector exploration, development and use.


·      A yet Untapped market for  culture and eco-tourism which needs expertise and knowledge well placed in University to form effective management and developing plus the rigor and power of private companies.



We at ILTEM believe that greater integration of these organizations into the University activities and getting involved with their members’ activities will help to further identify and cater for the specific needs of these industries and provide research and educational services appropriate to these needs.



Industry-University Cooperation Agreements


Building on approximately 37 years of educational activity in Kerman province and educating majority of the engineers, middle and top managers of the province, we believe that industry collaborations in the form of joint research institutes can best improve industry engagement with academic research.


Making the process of interaction between the University and the society it serves, as simple as possible, is fundamental when dealing with commercial world and this is being achieved through increasing flexibility and clarity relating to existing practices and activities, by developing and supporting creative new ways of building long term partnerships.


Therefore, we have based the strategy of expanding the concept of industry engagement on nascent joint research institutes that can direct University’s research potentials towards solving real world problems presented to it within these institutes.


Establishing the First Private Sector-University Shared Management  Research Institute in Iran


The current research partnership activities in such institutes develop new and innovative ways for University to share its research expertise, capacity and infrastructure with industry partners under the auspice of a joint guiding committee to further improve innovation, production, an performance and help expose researchers and students to real-world issues and problems. At present we have established two such research institutes:


·      Gole Gohar Iron Mine Research Institute

·      The South-East Iran’s Aerospace Research Institute


We expect that this novel way of sharing the management of research institutes to be the way of the future.





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