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                                                    Office of International Relations

The office of International Relations
is the university's center for global engagement. This office is dedicated to enhancing the collaboration with the international academic community and to foster the cross-cultural experience. This office is responsible for establishing new academic cooperation with outstanding universities and high technology institutes from around the world, facilitating the university's international engagement, assisting the academic units in new relationships with partner institutions, assisting outgoing and incoming students in their non-native countries, and representing the university in international forums and networks.


1.   Policy-making and planning for national and international scientific relationships with similar institutions at home and abroad

2.   Utilizing university’s scientific potentials internationally, through various programs such as exchanging professors and students, sabbaticals, participation in international conferences, implementing joint research programs, exchanging educational materials, sporting and cultural exchanges and admission of international students

3.   Surveying to know more about other countries’ universities and research and industrial centers to codify cooperation programs in line with internationalization policies of the university

4.   Preparing and executing contracts, agreements and MOUs with scientific centers at home and abroad and tracking agreed issues

5.   Following up with the matters related to the active participation of university in scientific and international communities and networks

6.   Introducing foreign bursaries and courses to the professors and students, according to the relevant regulations

7.   Planning and coordinating for official international visits of university’s authorities and inviting foreign expert delegations to university

8.   Inviting Iranian experts residing abroad for cooperating with the university and facilitating their collaborations

9.   Participating in promoting university’s scientific rank internationally

10.  Participating in the compilation and execution of university’s strategic plans for internationalization

11.  Keeping in touch with the office of scientific and international cooperation of the ministry for implementation of the general policies of the ministry on scientific and international relations

12.  Coordinating between faculties and other subordinate units for international activities

13.  Counseling in setting up and completion of university’s website in other languages


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